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Germanic clothing

The Teutons refer to a group of tribes that settled in Central Europe and southern Scandinavia during ancient times. Research traditionally determines their identity by language, since all tribes grouped into the Germanic group communicated through the Germanic language.

Compared to the Romans and Greeks, who also lived in ancient times, the Germanic tribes had a completely different lifestyle. Among the most important tribes were the Alemanni, Angles, Bavarians, Franks, Saxons and Visigoths. Of course, there were other Germanic tribes as well. You can buy traditional Germanic clothing online at Leonardo Carbone.

Authentic Germanic clothing for men and women

A lot is known about the clothing of the Germanic tribes. We owe this knowledge in particular to the archaeological finds of bog bodies, where also garments were preserved, which were mostly made of linen or wool. At Leonardo Carbone you can buy authentic Germanic garments for men and women online.

Unlike the Romans, Teutons wore long and short pants, which were often combined with a tunic, also known as a smock. As outerwear, a cloak was often used, which was fixed with the help of a fibula. Women wore floor-length dresses called peblos, belted at the waist and fixed at the shoulders with brooches. Under this overdress was often worn a plain undergarment that looked very similar to the men's tunic. Ladies and girls also wore long and short skirts, respectively.

Buy online Germanic clothing at Leonardo Carbone

For many years you can buy authentic Germanic clothing online in the online store of Leonardo Carbone. Our mission is the development and production of sustainable medieval garb and Germanic clothing. We always follow previous findings and research to be able to offer you authentic Germanic clothing that matches the design, material and color of traditional Germanic clothing.

We combine excellent quality with a fair price, while we attach great importance to natural materials such as cotton, leather, linen and wool. We dye all raw materials with natural colors during the manufacturing process. Out of respect for the environment, we mainly use traditional vegetable dyes. So you can always rely on authentic medieval products when you buy medieval garments and Germanic clothing online at Leonardo Carbone.

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