Jrvk shoe "Aarne"

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Jrvk shoe "Aarne"
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  • genuine leather
  • leather sole

Viking shoe made of high quality grained cowhide.
The York shoe isinspired bythe original finds from Coppergate, York in England and dates from the early medieval period around 900 AD.

The Viking shoe is equipped with a leather flap which is closed with a leather gag. The flap as well as the edge of the upper were lined with a leather cord in an elaborate handcraft.

When the boots are worn, the leather expands slightly and adapts naturally to the shape of the foot and ankle.

The shoe is equipped with a visually appealing leather sole. The leather sole is ideally inserted to prevent slipping on smooth ground. When first worn, the sole is quite slippery due to the smooth leather, but due to the friction when stepping on it, the sole becomes rougher and gradually more slip-resistant. Tip: the soles can be rubbed against stone to prevent slipping on smooth ground in the beginning. Please note: this should of course not be done for fitting, otherwise the shoes are no longer in their original condition and cannot be returned.

Care instructions
To remove coarse dirt, it is usually sufficient to circle over the leather with a dry or slightly damp cloth or to brush away the dirt residues with a dirt brush. The shoe should be moistened evenly. An impregnation spray provides additional protection against dirt that could permanently penetrate the leather through moisture. Although this does not have a completely water-repellent effect, it helps to prevent the dirt from permanently settling in the leather.

Color: Brown
Theme: Vking
Material: Leather
Product weight: 1,00 Kg