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Hooded cape

It warms, protects and complements any medieval garb: The hooded cloak can be used in many ways and fulfills numerous requirements. While it warms you in the evening and in winter, it protects you from strong sunlight in summer. At the same time, the cape complements your LARP outfit and reflects both the medieval world and the time of the Vikings. At Leonardo Carbone you can buy hooded capes online in a wide variety of styles, matching the material, color and details to the rest of your garb.

Warming hooded capes for the cold season

Even the people of the Middle Ages knew the cold that late autumn and winter bring with them. Peasants, priests, knights and Vikings protect themselves with a warming hooded cloak, which was often made of thick wool. Those who lived in the north and wanted to wrap themselves up especially warmly also resorted to furs, which kept the shoulder area warm as a fur wrap.

Even today, the hooded cape plays an important role. It keeps you warm during the cold season and accompanies you as a versatile piece of clothing at the LARP or when visiting the medieval market. Besides winter and late autumn, the hooded cape is also recommended for cool evenings. So you can sit comfortably by the campfire without the cold getting into your back and stay outside in the evening even in chilly weather. Versatile hooded capes that reliably keep you warm while complementing your medieval garb are easy to buy online at Leonardo Carbone.

Hooded capes for every occasion and every role

A medieval hooded cape is a must for LARP. The capes are available in many colors and different cuts. They are also made of different materials. Cotton and wool reliably warm you on cool days, while linen is an optimal choice for the summer.

For many friends of the Middle Ages, a hooded cape, which you can buy online at Leonardo Carbone, is part of the basic equipment. No matter if LARP or medieval market: you can take the garment out of your closet for many occasions. In addition to a warming and protective effect, the cloak complements the outfit of various characters. For halflings, warriors, mages, wizards or Vikings, the hooded cape is just as important as for ladies of the medieval world.

The capes are usually intended for both sexes and can be worn by both ladies and gentlemen. If you want, you can cover your face with a cape and thus give your character a mysterious effect. At Leonardo Carbon you will find a wide selection of capes that will complete your medieval garb, protect you from the sun as well as the cold and give your role an authentic as well as mysterious effect. You can easily buy your favorite online.