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Medieval clothing for men

If you are looking for medieval clothing, you have come to the right place in the Leonardo Carbone online store. Because here numerous different accessories are waiting for you. It does not matter whether the clothes of the common people or the wealthy kings and nobles are preferred. The latter wore bright colors and dresses with noble decorations made of precious silk. The common people, on the other hand, had to be satisfied with plain and monochrome pants and outer garments.

What kind of medieval clothes for men do we have?

First of all, you can buy the above medieval clothes for men in different styles. Also available are certain items that were worn under the actual fashion. Gentlemen mostly chose a so-called "Bruche" for this purpose. This is a pair of pants that were quite short and cut straight. Mostly, they were also quite wide to provide a high wearing comfort. For the time, it definitely served its purpose. The beech was then closed with a so-called beech band, so that it remained in place.

If you want to dress as a simple farmer, you can also find the right clothing for festive occasions in our online store. Often this was formerly held in the colors yellow, red or even blue. Only later prevailed on the tone indigo, which, however, was too expensive for very poor people. As outerwear, a knee-length smock was often chosen for gentlemen in the Middle Ages, which was usually made of wool and bore the name "cotte". Alternatively, an overcoat in the form of a rectangular cloth with holes for the arms was also used.

In the Middle Ages, a so-called "Gugel" was often worn as headwear. This was a collar-like pointed hood, which at some point achieved a real cult status.

Who is looking for medieval clothing for men, will find here in any case. If you have any questions, you can always ask the support team. Thus, all problems can be solved and every interested person will find articles that perfectly fit his purposes.


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