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Leonardo Carbone

A journey into the past

In our assortment you will find high-quality garments according to historical models. Our clothes, shoes and accessories are exclusive models, which are manufactured according to our own designs. Many of our shirts, tunics, dresses, blouses, capes or trousers are hand-woven and dyed with plant dyes. Almost all of our clothes are made of natural materials. You will find woolen cloaks for the cold winter days or cool evenings but also medieval cotton capes in different colours like green, brown, black or red. Find the perfect medieval dress for you, whether it is made of cotton, viscose or even wool. Borders or even hand embroideries provide that special something. You can represent a warlike Viking or a noble lady. Or how about a combination of a medieval cotton skirt and a light cotton blouse with a velvet bodice? Our simple blouses are often worn in everyday life and can easily keep up with the fashion world today. A modern outfit can easily be combined with our plain clothes. Leonardo Carbone offers high quality at reasonable prices. Why not dress up as a witch at the next carnival or fancy dress party? Our gothic dresses made of cotton velvet fit smoothly to the skin. In addition, women like to combine a witch hat or bag. For the carnival parade in the cold our warm capes are perfect.

Also with the men's robes you are spoilt for choice in our medieval shop what to wear in the next medieval market. Finally, our assortment offers a wide range of LARP clothes. Will it be a simple tunic or rather a viking tunic with border or even hand embroidery? Our wide cut Viking trousers made of wool or cotton pants in combination with our calf wraps made of wool are the perfect match. You will also find numerous straight cut trousers and medieval knee breeches that can be combined with our medieval shirts. Our cotton shirts are available in different designs, so also in linen optics. You can put on a doublet or a historical vest. If you are looking for a gambeson then you are also right here in our medieval shop. What should not be missing are our accessories, because you shouldn't miss the accessories for the reenactment. We offer Barretts, Robin Hood hats, noble headgear for the ladies and leather belts. We carry long belts, robust viking belts with and without celtic embossing, belts with Thorshammer motive or leather arm splints in different designs. Among other things also with a Vegvisir motive. You can also find historical drinking horns at Leonardo Carbone. A leather horn holder fits to the drinking horn. Living History groups can find a complete outfit at our shop. If you want to represent a viking or a nobleman, all epochs are represented. Many of our women's blouses are even worn in the Western scene with pleasure because the elements of the frills have asserted themselves until today.

Our children's corner has many dresses, tunics and shirts for boys and girls alike. Some unisex capes are kept simple and are very popular with children. We have two-tone knight shirts and girls' cotton dresses as well as Viking tunics for boys. A girl's blouse with ruffle is often combined with a girl's skirt. Many articles can be worn as mother-daughter or father-son combination. Even children's shoes made of leather are included in our assortment.

All our shoes are made of genuine leather. We use nubuck leather, smooth leather and suede. Choose between rubber sole or leather sole. In the past, suede leather was also often referred to as suede. It was often used for shoe making leather from deer or roe deer. Suede leather is sanded on the lower layer of the skin (flesh side). This results in a fine or even slightly coarser structure of the leather, which is used as the visible side for shoes. Suede leather looks velvety and is particularly comfortable to wear. Today, mainly cowhide leather is used, which is particularly stable. Our boots and shoes are made of cowhide.

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