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Medieval sandals

Medieval bund shoes are lightweight summer sandals that typically feature a flat heel and thin sole. Their decorative lacing extends around the foot, ankle or calf, hugging your feet in a comfortable way. Lightweight sandals can be open or closed in the front, and usually feature a heel counter in the back to provide support for your foot. The open shoe shape offers you a comfortable sole and can be worn comfortably even on warm summer days.

Walk on medieval paths with summery medieval sandals

If you like to visit medieval markets and participate in LARPs, you will certainly appreciate high-quality footwear. Medieval bund shoes not only offer you a comfortable sole on which to explore medieval alleys and bustling markets, but also an authentic appearance that rounds out your medieval attire.

Besides the medieval version without a direct rubber sole, practical, plain and comfortable rubber soles are still recommended if your paths often lead you over modern gravel and asphalt roads.

Leonardo Carbone medieval shoes are of excellent quality and offer you a versatile choice, so you can always find the right footwear to match your medieval garb.

Waistband shoes made of high quality leather

Leonardo Carbone medieval shoes are always of excellent quality and made of genuine leather, including nubuck, smooth leather and suede. You can get your fret shoes with a practical rubber sole.

In the past, suede was often found under the name as suede, which came mainly from deer and roe deer. On the lowest layer of the skin, the leather was sanded so that, depending on the processing, a very fine or a coarser structure was created. This was used on the visible side of the shoe, appeared velvety and offered a pleasant feel. In today's shoe manufacturing, mainly the leather of cattle is used, so that Roman sandals by Leonardo Carbone are also made of cowhide, among other materials.

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