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Medieval blouses

Origin of the medieval blouse

If you are looking for a suitable garment for a LARP, a medieval festival or the medieval market, you will find a wide selection at Leonardo Carbone. Women are often faced with the question of whether a dress or a combination of skirt and blouse fits better. Especially in higher temperatures, ladies like to resort to the medieval blouse to feel comfortable all day long, even in summer.

However, the blouse as we know it today was not typical for the Middle Ages. The first types of the garment were probably worn by the crusaders, who, according to traditions, wore a so-called pelusian garment over their armor. The garment was initially intended to protect the armor from dirt and dust, but over time evolved into a blouse.

Medieval blouses for LARP and free time

A medieval blouse brings versatile advantages as an authentic garment. Thus, Leonardo Carbone offers a versatile selection of different models that can be worn to LARP and medieval markets as well as in leisure time. There are hardly any limits to the possible combinations, so that a medieval blouse can either be combined as part of a medieval outfit or worn together with a pair of jeans and a chain belt during free time.

Depending on one's preferences, the rest of the clothes and the stand, the ideal medieval blouse can be selected. A wide variety of models, cuts and fabric types offer numerous options, ranging from laced or free-falling blouses to models with belts or ruffles.

Medieval blouses for every class

In the Middle Ages, the social status could be recognized by the garment, so that it already indicated the origin of the wearer. For nobles it was unthinkable to soil their fine hands with rough work. The upper class therefore wore blouses whose wide sleeves in combination with fine fabrics indicated their noble origins. Maids, barmaids and peasants, on the other hand, opted for simple models with a close-fitting cut and tight sleeves, so as not to be hindered by the clothing when working.




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