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Medieval tunic and tunic for men

The tunic was considered a widespread garment in ancient times. In the Middle Ages, women and men of all generations and social classes continued to wear tunics, which were the main component of an outfit. Among noblemen, crusaders, knights and Vikings, as well as the common people, medieval men's tunic and tunic enjoyed great popularity.

If the robe was already in earlier times the basic equipment of each garb, tunic and tunic must not be missing even today in any medieval outfit. For every LARP-, Living-History- and Reenatcment-Event both garments are indispensable and belong to every event.

At Leonardo Carbone a wide selection of medieval men's tunics and tunics awaits you. From medieval tunics to Roman tunics and Viking tunics, we offer you many different colors and variations. You can find plain, single-colored models as well as multi-colored tunics with a fancy cut. Long- and short-sleeved versions, ornate borders and elaborate decorations round out the range.

Medieval tunic and tunic for men in cotton and linen

The occasion for which you want to wear your men's tunic and tunic decide its texture and material. At a LARP event it is not uncommon that you as a participant are on the road for several days. Therefore, a breathable material is recommended for your medieval tunic, so that you feel comfortable in your garment during the event.

At Leonardo Carbone you will find a wide range of tunics and tunics made of cotton and linen. Both materials are comfortable to wear, while they visually fit into the ambience and depicted time of a medieval event.

Throughout history, fashion has changed much more than the fabrics from which it was made. For a long time, linen was considered the ideal material for undergarments and was used primarily for medieval garments such as tunics, shirts and tunics. It is true that at that time there were also clothes made of cotton. However, the material originated in India or the Middle East and was therefore rarely seen in Europe.

Today, linen and cotton are equally popular and combine authentic garments with a comfortable feel. Both fabrics offer a wide range of colors, embellishments and cuts. In earlier times, these details were based on the origin, status and wealth of the wearer. Other types of fabric such as brocade, damask, silk or weaves were usually reserved for the richer class.

So, depending on the character you want to portray, you can customize your men's tunic and tunic optimally and turn it into an authentic medieval outfit with additional accessories.

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The tunic was an important garment throughout the Middle Ages. We offer a large selection of medieval tunics. Choose between a simple Viking tunic or a medieval tunic with border or elaborate embroidery. As if this choice wasn't enough, you can also choose from a variety of fabrics. In our assortment you will find a wool tunic as well as various authentic cotton tunics. Whether you are looking for a tunic or even a Roman tunic, you can look forward to a wide range of colours and colour combinations. Ideally you combine your medieval tunic with a leather belt. You will also find our very different coloured tunics here.



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