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Medieval pants for men

For medieval markets and LARP events, authentic garments are recommended, which fit into the ambience and the represented time. For men, the medieval trousers are formative and complete a medieval outfit. They form the basis of any good men's garb and are available in many colors and variations. From pirate trousers with stripes to knee breeches for courtly gentlemen of the Renaissance to leg warmers and pantaloons for noble boys of the late Middle Ages, every gentleman will find the right medieval trousers to convey his own character concept even more authentically.

The history of medieval men's trousers

Mongolian horsemen wore pants as early as 1,000 BC. The Germanic waistband trousers even existed in the Iron Age. In ancient times, the typical woolen trousers were called bracae and were held in place with a belt. The spread of bracae was significantly influenced by the Celts. The Romans adopted the trouser type from the Celts, and it continued to be popular in medieval Britain.

The development of medieval trousers progressed slowly. It began with leg warmers, which were made of cotton, leather or linen. Until the 10th century, this type of stocking reached only to the knee. From the 12th century, leg warmers were supplemented by brooches, which resembled modern boxer shorts. They served to fasten the leg warmers and allowed quite deep insights, since the upper garments of the gentlemen in the late Middle Ages were increasingly shorter.

With the beginning of the 15th century, the medieval trousers for men developed further: similar to the tights known today, all parts were sewn together and the so-called pantalon was created. Variations appeared as the army kettlebell, the bloomers and the plunder trousers, which were adopted in the 16th century, especially by the common people.

Over time, the pantalon was made of firmer fabrics. It no longer had feet and reached only to the calf. Thus was born the culotte or knee breeches, which from the 16th century became popular among almost all classes and offered gentlemen of every generation a popular medieval trousers.

Since the matching medieval men's trousers belong to every medieval garment, a versatile selection of different cuts, fabrics and colors awaits you at Leonardo Carbone. From wide-cut Viking trousers to simple cotton pants and practical elastic waistband pants, you can choose exactly the model that most authentically underlines your character Concept.

Not without my medieval pants 

A basic outfit for a complete garment undoubtedly includes medieval trousers. Because no matter if you want to wear a wide cut viking trousers or a simple cotton trousers with or without elastic band, you should not do without your leg dress. Here you also have the choice between different colours and fabrics. Besides the classic medieval trousers made of cotton, our assortment also includes woollen trousers as well as finer historical trousers made of viscose and knee breeches. Our trousers are cut comfortably. With the sizes you have the choice with all our trousers models up to XXXL and some oversize trousers you even get up to size XXXXL.



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