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Historical clothing

For the people who lived in the Middle Ages, clothing served primarily as protection against the elements. At the same time, however, it also illustrated a person's status in society. Thus, nobles wore distinguished elaborate clothing, which included expensive materials such as silk, while peasants tended to use simple materials such as wool and linen.

In addition to the materials, there was a color order that assigned different colors to the different estates. While the nobility wore mainly red and blue robes, peasants' clothing was in simpler colors such as beige, brown and white, as these were easier to produce. The peasant class also placed great importance on comfort and functionality due to the field work that had to be done, while the nobility preferred elaborately decorated and tight-fitting clothes. At Leonardo Carbone you can conveniently buy historical clothing online.

Historical clothing by epochs

The Middle Ages can be divided into three eras, which include the Early Middle Ages, the High Middle Ages and the Late Middle Ages. The popular garment in the Early Middle Ages was known as the tunic, which was considered a universal and practical garment and was worn by almost every social class. A large number of nobles had their historical clothing made in Byzantine workshops and had silk embroidered with silver or gold, for example.

In the course of the High Middle Ages, the style of dress changed and became increasingly fitted, while the colors and cuts became more elaborate. The late Middle Ages held even more variations in store, with very tight-fitting and revealing garments finding favor and designed to accentuate the wearer's physical assets.

Buy historical clothing online at Leonardo Carbone

At Leonardo Carbone you have been able to buy historical clothing designed by our team for several years. Our medieval garb appeals to the worldwide LARP and medieval community. Our mission is to develop and produce sustainable historical clothing, based on previous findings and research.

You can buy our medieval clothing in excellent quality, which we combine with a fair price. Furthermore, we pay attention to the use of natural materials such as cotton, leather, linen and wool. To dye these raw materials, we use traditional vegetable dyes out of respect for the environment. This way you can always rely on authentic garments when you buy historical clothing online at Leonardo Carbone.