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Medieval Dresses for LARP and Medieval Markets

For the visit of a medieval market or the representation of a LARP character with medieval background, the choice of the appropriate medieval dress is indispensable. Because this is not only part of the basic equipment, but also significantly shapes your outfit as the most eye-catching piece of clothing.

In the early Middle Ages, women's robes were very simple: Until the eleventh century, women often wore a long undergarment, which in many cases was made of linen. The garment was supplemented by an overdress or an apron, which is characteristic for Viking dresses.

In addition to simple medieval dresses, Leonardo Carbone offers a versatile selection of body-hugging cuts that reflect the High and Late Middle Ages. Long, wide outer garments and lacing were considered extremely popular and shaped the fashion at this medieval time.

Medieval dresses for noblewomen and peasant women

Noblewomen and peasant women wore their dresses not only as garments. At the same time, the dresses indicated the status of women by their specific cut. Nobles in the Middle Ages mainly resorted to dresses that had wide and long arms. The lower class, on the other hand, wore dresses with tight sleeves in the Middle Ages, as they were much more practical for daily work.

At Leonardo Carbone you will find a wide variety of cuts, colors and materials, so you can put together the garb for your LARP character or a visit to the medieval market optimally.


From simple peasant dresses to noble medieval dresses 

We offer you a wide range of designs in different colour combinations and fabrics. Breathtaking floor-length noble medieval dresses with or without border provide for an elegant appearance. Various headgear or bags go with it. Our short-sleeved summer dresses are available in light fabrics such as cotton or cotton/linen and are colourful in red, blue, green or simply in natural or black. If you want to combine a simple underdress with a viking apron you will find in our leather corner brown or black leather belts that can be combined with leather bags. The icing on the cake for this outfit are our leather shoes, which are essential for a complete costume.


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