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Leonardo Carbone Spring Collection 2023: Viking and Medieval Products

Discover the impressive Spring Collection 2023 from Leonardo Carbone, the renowned brand for self-designed Viking and medieval products. This unique collection showcases a variety of Viking tunics that excel in both design and quality.

Exclusive Viking Tunic in Urnes Style

A highlight of the collection is an exclusive Viking tunic with intricate hand embroidery in the historical Urnes style. The Urnes style, named after the stave church in Urnes, Norway, is known for its sinuous animal motifs and elaborate ornaments closely associated with Viking culture and craftsmanship. By wearing such a tunic, you adorn yourself with a historically significant art form that has served as a symbol of strength and cultural identity for centuries.

Viking Linen Tunics Made from 100% Linen

The collection also includes high-quality Viking linen tunics made from 100% linen, providing a comfortable wearing experience and excellent fit. Linen is a durable, breathable material that is perfect for creating historical clothing. These linen tunics are ideal for reenactments, medieval festivals, or LARP events where authenticity and comfort are valued.

The Spring Collection 2023 from Leonardo Carbone brings the fascinating world of Vikings and the Middle Ages to life, offering you an exclusive selection of high-quality products that impress in design and craftsmanship. Be enchanted by the unique atmosphere and historical significance of this collection and find your personal favorite piece that represents both style and history.

With this collection, Leonardo Carbone offers an unparalleled shopping experience for all lovers of Viking and medieval culture. Discover the latest trends and be inspired by the artistic variety and historical charm of this collection.

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