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Medieval apron dress

Medieval dresses were often worn in the form of two layers. Over an undergarment, which was also called a chemise, most women wore an overdress, which was also called an overdress and was often fitted as well as fastened with a narrow belt. This medieval garb was often made of linen or wool. Nobles often resorted to more expensive materials, which included velvet and silk. In the later Middle Ages, cotton was also increasingly used for medieval garb.

Apron dress as medieval garb and for Viking ladies

Women's fashion of the Middle Ages is extremely versatile and includes not only dresses. Authentic garments for Viking ladies included, in addition to a dress, the so-called apron dress, which is an early form of medieval carrier dress. Not only in LARP, but also in fantasy LARP, Vikings and Northmen are played, so a medieval apron dress can be combined with numerous characters and support an authentic representation.

Apron dresses are usually combined with a light-colored undergarment and waisted by a narrow belt. Ornamental brooches and elaborate decorations are also possible. The medieval garb pursued two different functions. Plain variants of the apron dress were intended to protect the garment worn underneath. Elaborately decorated variants, on the other hand, served as a status symbol and featured braids, shell brooches, embroidery or chains. The dress form of the apron dress assumed today is based on finds from Birka and Haithabu and is thus historically documented.

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