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Viking dress designed by Leonardo Carbone

Discover the beauty and historical roots of the Viking Dress for Women by Leonardo Carbone. Our online shop offers a wide selection of authentic Viking dresses, carefully crafted according to historical patterns and materials.

The Viking dress was an important part of traditional Viking attire. It was composed of an underdress and an overdress, both made from natural materials such as linen or wool. The underdress covered the body from the shoulders to the ankles and was often held together with a belt. The overdress was a long gown worn over the underdress, reaching to the feet, often paired with a shawl or cloak.

Viking dresses for women with lots of details combined with fantastic fabrics

A special feature of the Viking dress was the embroidery. The Vikings were skilled in needlework and often adorned their dresses with patterns and symbols that reflected their culture and mythological beliefs. These embroideries were often elaborate and detailed, created with natural dyes.

Buy now Viking dresses at the Leonardo Carbone Online shop

At Leonardo Carbone, you will find a wide range of Viking dresses for women, carefully crafted according to historical patterns, and with attention to every detail to ensure each dress is as authentic as possible. Whether you are participating in Viking re-enactment events, searching for an interesting costume for a party or simply want to enjoy the beauty and historical roots of the Viking dress, Leonardo Carbone is guaranteed to have the perfect dress for you.

Order now on our online shop and experience the beauty and authenticity of the Viking Dress for Women by Leonardo Carbone.

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