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Beak shoes enjoyed great popularity in the 14th century and were also indispensable in the middle of the 15th century. At Leonardo Carbone, you'll find a versatile selection of beaked shoes to complete your medieval garb.

Beak shoes: fashion in the 15th century

In the 14th century, beaked shoes enjoyed great popularity and proved to be a popular fashion. While they were already out of fashion by 1400, they experienced a great demand again in the middle of the 15th century. The shoes were even so popular that special dress codes were issued. This was the only way to regulate the use of medieval shoes and the excesses associated with them.

In 1463, a decree dictated to nobles, knights and squires that the toe of their shoes could be no more than two inches long. In 1465, this decree underwent a tightening, prohibiting cobblers and shoemakers from making shoes with a toe longer than two inches.

The length of the shoe toe was even regulated in the dress code, as beaked shoes enjoyed great popularity not only among nobles, but among all classes. The length of the permitted shoe toe was thus based on the social standing of the wearer.

In addition to the designation as a beaked shoe, the name "Poulaines", which roughly means ship's beak, has also survived to this day. In the first half of the 15th century, beak shoes were also supplemented by a special lower shoe, which presented itself in the manner of a thick wooden sole with strap fastening and supported the design of the long-pointed beak shoes.

Leonardo Carbone: buy high quality beaked shoes online

At Leonardo Carbone, you can expect a versatile selection of high-quality beak shoes that are convenient to buy online. A fair price and excellent quality go hand in hand and result from the mission to offer sustainable medieval garb.

For many years now, the team at Leonardo Carbone has been designing its own collections aimed at the worldwide medieval and LARP community. As an internationally operating retail and wholesale company, Leonardo Carbone therefore enriches the textile sector and has a versatile selection of historical clothing ready. In addition to high-quality beak shoes, this ranges to leather goods as well as accessories that complete the medieval garb.

Style of Poulaine Shoes

Poulaine shoes were an iconic style of the Middle Ages, widely popular especially in England and France. These unique shoes were particularly favored by the wealthy upper class and were found in the royal wardrobe of individuals like Edward IV of England and Fulk of Anjou.

Poulaines are known for having an excessively long toe, often reaching extravagant lengths. This stylish look gave the shoes a distinctive elegance and extravagance. They were made from high-quality leather, including sturdy cowhide or fine nubuck leather, to ensure long-lasting durability.

The style of the poulaine shoes reflected the fashionable taste of the time and was a symbol of a person's social status. The wealthy upper class wore these shoes to showcase their high standing in society and to emphasize their timeless charm.

Medieval Poulaine Shoes and Nubuck Leather Boots

Our collection includes authentic medieval poulaine shoes and boots made from high-quality nubuck leather. These shoes are crafted with great care and attention to detail, reviving the charm of bygone eras.

Our medieval poulaine shoes are made from robust nubuck leather, known for its durability and longevity. The genuine cowhide gives the shoes a rustic look and ensures a sturdy construction. The shoes are equipped with a tough rubber sole, providing traction and comfort, making them suitable for everyday use.

With their tapered toes and laced closure, our poulaine shoes are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. They offer a perfect fit and allow for individual adjustment for optimal comfort.

The nubuck leather surface gives the shoes an elegant look and ensures they look new for many years. Our poulaine shoes are the perfect addition to medieval costumes, reenactments, or special occasions.

Discover the timeless charm of medieval poulaine shoes and nubuck leather boots from Leonardo Carbone. With our collection, we offer you authentic and high-quality shoes that embody the style and craftsmanship of past times. Experience the comfort and elegance of our robust nubuck leather shoes with laced poulaine tips, completing your medieval outfits. Order today and delve into history!

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