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When you're out and about at medieval fairs or participating in LARP, you're sure to appreciate high-quality and comfortable footwear. Whether you prefer reversible medieval boots or leather soles, every type of medieval footwear will take you exactly where your path leads you. So you can discover bustling alleys at medieval markets, dance exuberantly with your friends and seek adventures in meadows and forests in medieval garb. If your paths lead you over modern gravel and asphalt roads, practical rubber soles offer a comfortable alternative to the medieval variant. At Leonardo Carbone you'll find the right medieval boots to accompany you everywhere and complete your medieval garb.

Medieval footwear: boots and shoes

Although they often take last place in the outfit design, medieval boots and shoes play a decisive role in the medieval garb. Whether you are a market woman or a Viking, the right footwear completes any outfit. At the same time, boots protect against cold and wet feet, while allowing for a more comfortable walk.

Medieval boots from Leonardo Carbone will also give your medieval garb an authentic appearance, so you will feel absolutely comfortable at medieval markets, LARP as well as a medieval character. By choosing medieval footwear that ideally suits your role, you can perfectly put yourself in it and walk on medieval paths.

Leonardo Carbone: buy medieval boots online

Leonardo Carbone has a versatile selection of medieval footwear ready for you, which you can conveniently buy online. Excellent quality and a fair price go hand in hand and are based on the mission of sustainable medieval garb.

The team at Leonardo Carbone has been designing its own collections for many years, aimed at the worldwide LARP and medieval community. The internationally operating retail and wholesale company thus enriches the textile sector and complements your medieval garb with the matching medieval boots. In addition, medieval robes, leather goods and accessories await you, so that you can walk authentically on medieval paths.