The classic 

You're not gonna want to give up your last Leonardo Carbone shirt. Not only are our shirts incredibly comfortable - almost all our medieval shirts are wide cut and available up to size XXXL. Some of our medieval shirts are even available in oversize XXXXL. Together with your medieval trousers you will get an unbeatable combination. Accessories such as a leather long belt, gauntlet boots or a medieval hat can be worn with it. A cape is also indispensable, especially for the cooler days. And because you can never have enough shirts, there are many of our shirt models in the most diverse colours and fabrics. For the winter our collection offers old-fashioned shirts made of coarse cotton or wool shirts and for the summer you have the choice between sleeveless cotton shirts or short-sleeved shirts besides the classic long-sleeved shirts. Almost all our historical shirts are available either in 100% cotton or in a cotton-linen blend.